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Saturday, April 25, 2009 rahul, Community Member, asks

Q: if after eating food ,one feel breathlessness then is it a sign of asthma???

after eating food I do feel breathless,and some amount of cough is there,My stomach bulges more than usual giving me a doubt that i am having gastric problems,but i cant understand that just after eating food how can i get gastric in 10-20 min.can anyone suggest what problem i am .I am not having any constipation problems as well.

have i developed any allergy??? which triggers when i eat food.

when i do some physical activity i feel tired easily as i am not able to breathe.

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John Bottrell, Health Pro
4/28/09 9:26am

The symptoms you describe could possibly be related to allergies and asthma, but the only way to learn for sure is to see your family physician, as only a physician can diagnose, and only after he has assessed you.  If he suspects you are having allergies he will probably want to do some allergy testing to see if you are in fact allergic to food, or anything else for that matter.  He may also wish to have you do some tests to rule out other problems (such as GERD).  If he suspects you have asthma, he may want to have you do a pulmonary function test, which is the only true way to diagnose asthma. 

rahul, Community Member
5/ 6/09 2:37am
Thanks Rick for the explanation,but I would like you to know more- I do feel breathless after taking food,also my stomach bulges a bit.cough is there also.actually it all started the first time 3 weeks ago when i had fever.i went to the doctor and she told me that i am having sinus along with fever,so she gave me dolomite,citrizin tablet .i took the citrizen and dolomite but after that rashes developed on my face and i started feeling breathless,so i took citrizen again to remove the rashes.after that i stopped taking the alopathi medicines and resorted to ayurvedic medicines.maentime due to sinus i was suffering from nasal discharge and continous breathlessness.also my hands got swelled up and started aching badly.i took ayurvedic medicines for around 7 days.there were a lot of ayurvedic medicines that i was taking everyday.my situation worsened and my nasal discharge continued with cough as well.so finally i went fr homoepath.i took homoepath and within 2 to 3 doses my nasal discharge went off,i was relieved but my breathlessness is still there.i have told the doctor about this and she told me that i developed allergies,it has been 2 weeks i am taking homoepath,but my breathlessness problem is still there, Reply
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