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Wednesday, May 04, 2011 Margaret Hernandez, Community Member, asks

Q: Does Honey Help Asthma?

I have a 5 year old Grandaughter who has Asthma,I was told told that honey was good for Asthma,She has a hard time sleeping,I have to give her Breathing treatments.I just want to know if it would help her suffering,She Looks so Scared when her couging is out of control...Plz Help!
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Kathi MacNaughton, Health Pro
5/ 6/11 2:33am

Hi Margaret... Honey may soothe your granddaughter's throat a little and ease some of the coughing, but it will not really treat her asthma or relieve her symptoms overall.


If she is continually having trouble sleeping because of coughing, her asthma may not be under control and you (or her parents) need to speak with her doctor about whether her treatment plan should be modified.


I know it must be hard to watch her struggle to breathe, but the good news is that asthma can usually be controlled, once the right combination of treatment is achieved.




Margaret Hernandez, Community Member
5/ 6/11 3:21pm

Hi Kathi, Thank You for answering my Question. As of next week My Daughter has made an appt. with a Specialist, She and I are upset with why Her Dr. wont suggest on a specialist. We feel we just get the run around. So we are looking foward to this appt. We both had made sure that I should go so i can understand what needs to be done.I just want my Grandaughter to enjoy life without being afraid that when she has a coughing attack and that she can't catch her breath.  Again Kathi, Thank You for responding............Margaret

Kathi MacNaughton, Health Pro
5/ 6/11 7:37pm

Hi Margaret... I'm really glad you made an appointment with a specialist. Often that is the best course of action, especially when the asthma diagnosis is new. A specialist can get to the bottom of the condition and put you (and your granddaughter) on the right track from the get go.


And it's wonderful that your daughter is involving you in the planning and treatment, since it sounds as though you are an active caregiver for your granddaughter. Children with asthma do much better when the whole family is involved.


Sometimes, doctors fail to refer to a specialist because they think something as common as asthma is something they should be able to treat effectively without consultation. Or, they may be under the gun from the insurance company to limit specialist referrals. And that's why patients (or their caregivers) must advocate for ourselves!


Every person with asthma should see a specialist at some point, especially when asthma is not under control. That's not just my  opinion; that is part of the national treatment guidelines for asthma. So, good for you!


Hope your granddaughter is feeling better soon,


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