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Friday, March 26, 2010 Rooster Ridge, Community Member, asks

Q: hoarseness with Advair, or Symbicort using spacer

I continue to have hoarseness with using either Advair or symbicort. I do use a spacer and I do rinse my mouth and even gargle with water also drink water after my treatment.  What else can I do, or it there another med out there that does not  cause hoarseness.   I am on  2 puffs  2 times per day.  I am controlled.

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John Bottrell, Health Pro
3/26/10 1:17pm

That's a good question.  It sounds like you're doing everything right, just have some bum luck.  If Advair is what is needed to control you're asthma you'd hate to quit taking it.  Perhaps you can discuss this with your physician, he might have a solution for you to deal with this side effect.  There are other meds you can try, such as Singulair, although there's no guarantee they will control your asthma as well as Advair or Symbicort.  I wish I had a better answer for you. 

Asthma educator, Community Member
4/ 1/10 9:16pm

Have you tried Flovent? I couldn't take Advair, but have been doing well with Flovent. It doesn't have the LABA that Advair does, but it might control the inflamation of asthma for you.

royalflush, Community Member
4/ 3/11 3:20pm

With Flovent, what is LABA???

Rebecca Burr, Community Member
12/27/10 7:32pm

My pulmanary specialist gave me a sample of Alvesco because I was hoarse on Advair. I haven't had a chance to really try it out since I just went to the doctor.

I have read the side effects on line, however, and it does mention hoarseness as a possible side effect from Alvesco as well! I'm with you, I don't know what the correct product would be. Hoping to sing again!

Rebecca Burr, Community Member
12/29/10 11:54am

Maybe we don't need to use these maintenance inhalers constantly? Alvesco continued my hoarseness as well.  I am off everything except Singulair (10 mg) and rescue inhaler when needed, and my voice is returning!  It may not be the right advice for you, but it is working for me.  If I come down with a chest cold it will probably mean a return to Avesco (which might be better than Advair regarding hoarseness). I just never want to trust Advair again.

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