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Friday, December 12, 2008 Me, Community Member, asks

Q: can I use ventolin as well as symbicort which does not seem to be working immediately

I use symbicort morning and night but it does not have immediate results when I go out shopping I need immediate releif  can I use ventolin inhaler as well at these times

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Gerri Rivers, Health Guide
12/14/08 12:45am

Dear Me:

To properly answer your question, you must understand the difference between Symbicort & Ventolin.


Ventolin is a quick-acting medication used to treat active symptoms (coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, etc.) It is the one that is for quick relief of symptoms.


Symbicort is classified as a maintenance medication and should NOT be used for quick relief. While Symbicort is a combination medication that has both a brochodilator and and anti-inflammatory, the bronchodilator is NOT the same as the quick-acting albuterol bronchodilator in the Ventolin. Symbicort is a daily medication.


These to medications have two different purposes/uses. Please let your provider know if you are needing to use your Ventolin on a daily basis or if you are confused as to what to use and when to use it. Also, ask your provider for a written asthma action plan that can help you to understand the plan for your asthma management and when to take which medication.


Breathe Easy!

Gerri Rivers, AE-C

siham, Community Member
2/18/10 4:11pm

 ventolin 400 mcg used with symbicort

John K, Community Member
4/ 4/13 5:34pm


Karen, Community Member
1/24/10 4:49pm

I've been on Spiriva and Symbicort for a couple of years, and my vision has failed me to the point that I can not see clearly anymore. Within two weeks my vision with classes went to complete bulur. What other medications can I suggest to my doc,  that will not affect my vision further?  I need my meds or I won't live with COPD.

John Bottrell, Health Pro
1/25/10 4:51pm

I do not see vision problems listed as a side effect to Spiriva as you can see for yourself here


Vision problems (blurred vision) is listed as one of the possible side effects to symbicort as you can see here.  A good alternative to Symbicort is Advair, and I do not see vision problems listed as a possible side effect as you can see here.


However, you are best to discuss this further with your physician before discontinuing any medicine.  You will want to make sure it is a side effect of this medicine, and not something else going on. 


Good luck.

John Bottrell, Health Pro
1/25/10 5:24pm

Just to provide an update to Gerri's excellent answer above, Ventolin is safe to use even while you are on Symbicort (or Advair).  All asthmatics should carry a rescue inhaler, even asthmatics on Symbicort or Advair.  While many asthmatics require the use of both inhalers, increased use of rescue medicine is often used as a sign that asthma is not controlled.  So make sure you use all your asthma medications as instructed by your physician, and keep in touch with him if you continue to require increased doses of your rescue medicine.

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