• Keith in So IL Keith in So IL
    August 31, 2009
    Advair and addrenal gland suppression
    Keith in So IL Keith in So IL
    August 31, 2009

    I am 52 and have been dealing with asthma my whole life. I have been extremely active and a nationally ranked amateur endurance athlete in my 40s. I actually consistently gained weight while training for and racing IronMan Triathlons.    Now, a Pulmonoligist, Naturopath, and a Homeopath have all told me that Advair has caused a suppression of my adrenal glands and that causes me to consistantly gain weight. To a much lessor degree I have also periodically taken predisone from time to time.    The Naturopath has suggestions but the Pulmonoligst has no idea on how to combat the adrenal suppression.  

      For years I had Drs tell me that they did not think advair could cause me to gain weight. Then, a few years ago the makers of the drug put on the fact sheet that it could cause adrenal suppresion. However, it seems that the "regular" medical community is clueless as to and repair the damage it has caused me.




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  • allmymarbles September 15, 2009
    September 15, 2009

    I have moderate COPD (a combination of emphysema, bronchitis and asthma). These are the serious side effects I have suffered from using Advair


    (1) adrenal fatigue - high cortisol - panic attacks

    (2) excessive hard-to-expel mucus, extreme bronchitis, coughing, choking

    (3) growth of facial hair, loss of head hair (particularly unfortunate since I am a woman.)


    My pulmonologist was oblivious to my problems and I, myself, thought I had simply gotten sicker. I had meanwhile gone to an alternative medicine physician who diagnosed the adrenal problem. I underwent saliva and urine tests and was found to have high cortisol. I was told to take high dosages of vitamin B5, Travacor (which inhibits excitory neurotransmitters), high doses of the B vitamins and, in the event of a panic attack, a small dose of Xanax.


    Purely by chance I found that my bronchitis was also caused by that poisonous Advair. I stopped taking it. Instead of expecting to die this coming winter, I am now sevral health years younger. The excess hair is falling off my face and (I hope) my head hair will get fuller. My chronic bronchiitis is one-tenth of what it was and I no longer fear choking to death. The B5 is a mucolytic (thins mucus). I also am taking a mullein extract (natural anti-inflammatory) and MSM (another natural anti-inflammatory).



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