Facts About the Bottom 10 States

These 10 states had the lowest scores in the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America's 2008 State Honor Roll report. Is your state here? Find out what they had in common and what you can do about it.

South Dakota was last in the state Honor Roll Report with one point. Here are the bottom 10 starting with the lowest score:

South Dakota











Facts About the Bottom 10 States

  • South Dakota had the lowest score in the report -- 1 out of 18. The one point was for its law banning smoking on school grounds and in school buildings.
  • Seven of the bottom 10 states banned smoking on school grounds and in school buildings (Georgia, Wyoming and Ohio did not have state bans).
  • Four of the bottom 10 states had laws in place to allow students to carry their own medication – for both or either asthma or anaphylaxis – at school. Three states (Georgia, Oklahoma and Wisconsin), had laws in place only allowing students to carry their own asthma medication.
  • Alaska is the only one of the bottom 10 states that has laws requiring schools to have emergency plans for both asthma attacks and anaphylaxis events. None of the states have laws requiring either.


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The 2008 AAFA State Honor Roll Report Summary

Facts about the Top 10 States

Get involved! Learn how to help make changes in your state for children's safety.

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