Rick Frea: Respiratory Therapist and Asthmatic

Rick Frea is a respiratory therapist at a hospital in the Midwest who has lived with asthma all his life. Find his blog posts and comics about asthma, breathing trouble, asthma medicine and anything and everything else you want to know about living with asthma. Illustrations by Dash Shaw

Respiratory Therapy Comics

Meet Your Therapist

Rick Frea: Asthmatic, Respiratory Therapist

Rick Frea comic, respiratory therapist, adult asthmatic
Rick Frea is a licensed and Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) with 12 years experience with asthmatics and others who have breathing troubles. Read his complete profile.
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Meet The Cartoonist

  • Dash Shaw
    Dash Shaw
    I graduated with a BFA in illustration and cartooning from the School of Visual Arts. My clients have included Viking Children's Books and Marvel Entertainment.

Your Asthma Personality

Which Asthmatic Are You? The 11 Types of Asthma Patients

adult asthma types, adult asthma personalities
Respiratory Therapist and Asthmatic Rick Frea worked with some friends to compile this list of adult asthma personalities. Which one are you? Illustrations by Dash Shaw
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