Joni Kazantzis, Patient Expert

Winter Travel Tips With Psoriasis

Traveling always poses some stresses as you prepare for your journey, but the added layers of winter and psoriasis can bring some additional challenges. Here are some travel tips to get you comfortably to your final destination.
Joni Kazantzis

Treatment Dissatisfaction

Credit: Thinkstock One of the hardest things for me to accept when I was first diagnosed was that there was no cure and that psoriasis would always be a part of my life… I couldn’t believe it when the doctor started going through a treatment plan tha...
Joni Kazantzis

How Biologics Can Help

When Todd Bello was diagnosed with psoriasis at the age of 28, it started as a small spot on his scalp that was covered by his hair. But very quickly, it went from being unnoticeable to severe. At the age of 35, he developed psoriatic arthritis, dras...
Joni Kazantzis