Karen Lee Richards, Patient Expert

Karen is the Co-Founder of the National Fibromyalgia Association. She wrote for HealthCentral as a patient expert for Pain Management.

Worst Fibromyalgia Symptom?

Fibromyalgia has many symptoms, most of which are painful. But which symptom most prevents you from participating in daily activities?
Karen Lee Richards

What I Learned About Fibromyalgia...and Life

Fibromyalgia is certainly not an easy illness to treat, but it’s important to stay positive and be open to learning and trying new things. Fibromyalgia is certainly not an easy illness to treat. Everybody responds differently to various treatments - ...
Karen Lee Richards

How Exercise Can Reduce Pain

A study determined that the endorphins the body creates during moderate exercise can act as a natural opiate to ease pain. Here’s what the researchers found. READ MORE
Karen Lee Richards

New Antiviral Drug for Fibromyalgia?

Could fibromyalgia be caused by herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1)? A new drug aimed at treating both HSV-1 and inflammation has shown impressive results.
Karen Lee Richards

FDA Approves New Painkiller

The federal government recently approved the first hydrocodone product designed to discourage people from abusing it.
Karen Lee Richards

"Fibro-Fog" Doesn't Lead to Alzheimer's

Good news! New research suggests that the forgetfulness and memory losses suffered by some fibromyalgia patients is not related to Alzheimer’s disease.
Karen Lee Richards