Karen Lee Richards, Patient Expert

Karen is the Co-Founder of the National Fibromyalgia Association. She wrote for HealthCentral as a patient expert for Pain Management.

What a Doctor Would Say to Someone in Pain

As chronic pain patients, we often get frustrated and even angry with doctors. We just want a doctor who will understand how much pain we’re in and will try to help us get some relief. But sometimes doctors seem like they’d rather not be bothered wit...
Karen Lee Richards

Breakthrough Fibromyalgia Discovery

A new study has revealed that we may hold the key to understanding fibromyalgia in the palms of our hands - literally Published in the June issue of the journal Pain Medicine, the study details the first physically detectable pathology providing a lo...
Karen Lee Richards

7 Conditions Mistaken for Fibromyalgia

It’s not at all unusual for fibromyalgia to be misdiagnosed as another condition and vice versa, as symptoms of fibromyalgia are similar to that of other illnesses. Also, there are no lab tests to definitively identify fibromyalgia. Here are seven co...
Karen Lee Richards