Sara Suchy, Editor

Sara is a former editor for HealthCentral.

Vitamin B12: A HealthCentral Explainer

What is it? Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble member of the B vitamin family (there are eight B vitamins total). It is the largest and most structurally complex of any vitamin. What does it do? In the world of B Vitamins (there are eight of them) vitami...
Sara Suchy

A Brief History of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer diagnostics, treatment, and prevention have improved since ancient Egyptian times. Learn more about the history of this common disease.
Sara Suchy

INFOGRAPHIC: Foodborne Outbreaks

The recent outbreak of salmonella in some brands of Trader Joe’s peanut butter and their subsequent recall, begs the question of what exactly happens before a product is recalled off the shelves due to a foodborne contaminant. It turns out, a whole l...
Sara Suchy