Resources for Adults on the Autism Spectrum

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  • It wasn’t until the 1960’s when the medical professionals started to understand the term autism and how it affected the lives of those with ASD. Since then, much of the research has been on children with autism. Many people still think of ASD as a “childhood disorder” even though it is defined as a lifelong developmental disability and it is obvious that children with autism grow up to become adults with autism.

    Counties and school districts provide services for children with ASD, however, only until a certain age and then all services are discontinued. The adult with autism is expected to be able to manage medical care, services, therapies and employment on their own. When this becomes overwhelming, the adult with ASD either gives up, enters the world of the unemployed or families take over to try to fill in the gaps left wide open when childhood services disappeared.

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    The following are a list of resources for adults with ASD and their families to look for support, employment training and assistance, therapies and resources.

    Adult Autism and Employment - Online guide for vocational rehabilitation professionals with insights and suggestions from a national expert on autism and employment.

    Aging with Autism - An organization that supports programs in various locations that provide support and employment opportunities for adults with autism.

    The Art of Autism - An organization that helps artists and performers with autism to showcase their talents.

    Asperger’s Syndrome & Autism Research and Rehabilitation - Pensacola FL - According to their web site the organization, “was founded to assist individuals and their families who suffer from Adult Autism.”

    Autism After 16 - An online resource to help families of young adults and adults with autism make sense of the vast amount of information available online.

    Autism Source - An online database of resources, including autism organizations and professionals throughout the U.S.

    Autism Speaks Adult Services Section - A section of the Autism Speaks website that offers information specific to living with autism as an adult.

    Autism Speaks LinkedIn Networks - Autism Speaks hosts two LinkedIn networks that discuss issues related to living with autism as an adult:

    Autism Transition Handbook - An online resource that provides information on transitioning to adulthood for those on the autism spectrum.

    Berkeley Center College Internship Program - A program providing individualized, post-secondary academic, internship and independent living experiences for young adults with Asperger’s syndrome and other learning differences.

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    GET Going Pocket Guide - A trouble-shooting tool to help those with autism as they independently travel on public transportation.

    Interactive Autism Network - A research  program compiling information about autism in children and adults.

    Life Skills Guide - A guidebook that provides practical information for living as an independent adult. The guidebook has sections on health, jobs, finances, housing, education, law, insurance and more.

    Out of Step - An online “marketplace” connecting people with disabilities and consumers. Those with disabilities can sell products, offer services or post their resume.

    Planners Guide - An app, available online or via a smart phone, to help people with disabilities, including those with autism, navigate independent living. It contains 135 different reference guides for quick access to “how do I…?”

    Sutter Transition for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders Clinic (STAND) - Sacramento, CA - The first California hospital to treat adults with autism

Published On: May 06, 2014