weaning off Seroquel

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  • Hi everyone!  Just wanted to pop in to let you know how I am doing with coming off Seroquel.  Went to the Pdoc yesterday, and I am now down from 600mg to 250mg.  I have finally lost 12lbs, and have lost 24 inches.  I now measure 34/34/43, from 42/43/50.  I am working very hard to get the person back that I lost to Seroquel.  My eye sight has gotten so much better.  I was on a very high dosage than most and after 61/2 years it was time to come off.  Seroquel is a great drug and I am sorry that I started having so many side effects.  For those on lower dosages and no side effects, please don't go off this med.  My Pdoc and I am not considering a new drug to replace it since I am on such a high dose of Trileptal 2400mg a day.  You might be wondering why I take such a higher dosage than most...simply because I have a higher resistances to meds.  Hope everyone is doing well, I think of you everyday, and pray than all is good.  I'll drop in every now and then to let you know how I am doing....Love to all!

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Published On: July 09, 2009
  • Tabby
    Jul. 09, 2009

    was worried that we perhaps had lost you with your last Sharepost

    I'm glad you decided to post again and let us know how you are doing.

    If all it is - is to let us know how you are, then that's okay.