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  • So I am writing this blog as we move toward the end of the year. It's less busy in our office now, at least for me, since a lot of what I do involves meeting with other organizations and individuals. No one plans meetings for this time of year. (Yippee!) So I took the time today to go through the entire Facing Us website: www.facingus.org


    I knew I loved the concept-a clubhouse site loaded with wellness tools I can personalize into a downloadable wellness book, plan, and journal. But oh my goodness, how I love this site.


    I went through the site tour located on the home page (narrated by DBSA's own actress slash executive assistant Ariel,) and then I played all the Facing Us contest winner videos.

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    Something about seeing people tell me their story, many of them complete with music or family pictures, helps me, inspires me, makes me care even more about everyone in our community striving to live in recovery.


    Check out S. Braun's look at her life, her emotions, her journey portrayed in such a deeply felt way. Or consider how Jo Jolly adds up the cost of bipolar disorder. Kristen Famiano gives us a view of her whole life, the good and the painful in her educational video, while Jacob Ahlers takes less than 30 seconds to portray our illness in a crystal clear format that even someone who knows nothing about it can finally "get it." Wayne Cordell Wilson makes me smile to watch him-you like him right away. He talks about going on and off his meds-how many of us can relate to that! And he gives us insights into his own wellness tools.


    Wayne is a totally great lead in to the wellness tips portion of the site, but I want to look at that another time so I wandered over into the public messages and selected view all."


    Here are two of my very favorite videos: The first is Ariel (again! She is so talented) using her hands as finger puppets portraying the power of peer support. Tell me she doesn't totally capture the feeling? And then I watched Victoria Maxwell talk about dating and mental health. How funny is she?


    If you need a little pick me up during his holiday season or beyond, check out our peers as they talk about our illnesses and provide hope, help and support.


    Take a tour and let me know what you think!

Published On: December 31, 2007