One Size Does Not Fit All

Sue Bergeson Health Guide
  • So, I spent time today updating my wellness plan on the Facing Us Clubhouse website. I'm sure my doctor has a wellness plan for me. And I bet my talk therapist has one. But if they do, they've never shared it with me. And who knows if it's at all relevant to my life?


    Sadly, I've been in many national mental health meetings where providers talk about having a stack of already-filled-out treatment/wellness plans that list goals like "Take your medication every day," "Be on time for all your doctor appointments" and so on and so forth. Providers tell us all they have to do is simply put a name on the ready-made form once they've finished talking to a new client.

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    But just what does being on time for my doctor's appointment have to do with my recovery? And how could it be that every single person has the same plan?


    Well, I'm not going to allow a "one-size-fits-all" wellness plan be the guide in my life. My solution is to use the wellness plan tool on the Clubhouse website to help me define my goals and the steps to achieve my goals.


    I've usually gotten stuck on my goals. I've reached most of the milestones I set for myself (which is not to say I see myself as a success, sadly). And the milestones I have left don't seem so compelling right now. But somehow, that recovery plan tool made it easy for me to set a few goals that actually have relevance in my life-not huge things but things I actually care about.


    This is the time of year when I usually do some goal-setting (and, yes, losing weight is always on the list). The beginning of the New Year is the perfect time to dream dreams about the future, so spending time with that wellness plan tool fit right in with my natural yearly cycle. This year, though, instead of setting a goal to lose weight, which always seems doubtful to me, I set a goal to be healthier. And then I was prompted to list a few simple things I could do to move in that direction: walking a little more ... starting to eat vegetables at least four times a day ... these seem like things I can actually do.


    The Clubhouse's wellness plan also prompted me to consider just who my support network is and when I might reach out to each person on my list. That will help me, because when I'm in a lot of pain, I don't think real well. So, having the list done and ready to go should help me reach out when I need to.


    In addition to other bells and whistles, the Clubhouse's wellness plan also helped me create an emergency plan, something I talk a lot about but have never actually done. I plan on sharing it with the people on my support network list. And I bet they'll feel better knowing what I think will be most helpful to me when I reach out to them for help.


    I am ready for a New Year, plan in hand and hopes high. How about you? Check out the wellness plan at the Clubhouse and let me know what you think.

Published On: January 10, 2008