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  • I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet with many researchers each year—people who have dedicated their lives to you and me. They understand the horrors of living with our illnesses and have committed their strengths and skills to find new treatments to make our lives better. The research world is looking fairly grim these days with fewer grants and more regulations, making research in our field increasingly difficult.


    DBSA tries to say thank you by honoring a few of these heroes every year at our annual award ceremony, the Gerald L. Klerman awards.


    I think it would be very neat if more consumers voted on who should receive the award each year, so we have put up voting pages on our website for both the Senior Investigator award and the Young Investigator award. On these pages you'll find information about each candidate, what they have done and what they're working on. I would welcome your vote, telling us who you think should be honored. It would be lovely if you would make a comment or two on the candidate so we can share encouraging words with them.

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Published On: April 04, 2008