The Sound of Music

Sue Bergeson Health Guide

    What do Sting, James Taylor, Bobbi Brown, Judy Collins, Axel Rose, Rosemary Clooney and DMX all have in common?


    They all live(d) with depression or bipolar disorder. Music plays an important role in the recovery journey for many of us. Some of us have certain songs we play to manage our depression, help energize us, calm us down or help us sleep. We have favorites to play while we exercise or during other wellness activities.


    Many of our peers also write/perform their own music to express those thoughts and feelings that we cannot share any other way.


    Through the rest of August, DBSA is celebrating and honoring that creative spark in people with mood disorders by hosting the Facing Us Music Contest. If you're a musical artist and want to inspire others (and take a chance at winning up to $900!), just click here.

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    If you're not a musical person, we still need your help—your votes will decide the winners! Beginning in September, visit the contest site,, listen to the 12 finalists and vote for your favorites.


    Who knows? You might discover the next big thing! Log on and support our creative peers!


Published On: August 14, 2008