Sunday, August 02, 2015
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"Normal" - How Familiar With It Are You?

As many of you following this blog know, I am working on a series of short books on bipolar. The first one focuses on our moods. One of the things that jumped out and hit me is the attention I am giving to “normal.”


“Normal” has a number of meanings. Let’s explore... Read moreChevron

When Psychiatry Does Listen: Talking About Suicide

This piece has to do with why we are the real experts when it comes to suicide. It is a continuation of a piece I posted the other day, titled When Psychiatry Won’t Listen.


That particular piece had its origins in one of my readers,... Read moreChevron

When Psychiatry Won't Listen

Do you ever get one of those days when you want to grab Psychiatry by the neck and wring it? I’m having one of them right now.


Don’t get me wrong. I get along very well with the psychiatric profession. My 16-year journalist-to-expert collaboration has been extremely fruitful. Its practitioners have gone out... Read moreChevron

This Just In - Psychiatry is Still Dead

I’ve never met an irony I didn’t like. Case in point:


The other day, on Psychiatric Times, I came across a June 4 commentary titled Psychiatry is Alive and - Well, It’s... Read moreChevron

My Day at Stand Down

 Yesterday, I took my didgeridoo to Stand Down San Diego. Here’s the deal:


Stand Down San Diego is a three-day event offering sanctuary and services to about a... Read moreChevron