Monday, October 20, 2014
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Lithium to Treat Bipolar - The Evidence

Here’s a monster irony for you: Lithium, by far the most-studied of the bipolar meds, is also the one that doctors manifest the most ignorance and likewise the greatest reluctance to prescribe. 


An earlier piece, Read moreChevron

Voting in an Oligarchy and How Golf Factors Into My Decision

It is this time of year that I am most grateful not to have a TV. For those of you who are similarly blessed, I will fill you in: There is an election around the corner. My quick take - if the political ads don’t disabuse you of the notion of US-style democracy, then the political commentary... Read moreChevron

Managing Your Bipolar, Managing Your Sleep - A Patient Shares His Insights

Gabe Howard is the second-place winner in HealthCentral’s recent Live Bold/Live Now contest. Gabe is no stranger to the challenges of... Read moreChevron

Writing As a Healing Journey - My Latest Adventure

We need to be doing things that sustain us, that make us feel good, that we are passionate about, that give our life meaning. For me, this is writing.


I know the same holds true for a lot of you. We are a talented bunch. With bipolar - when our lives are not otherwise coming apart at the seams - the muse is... Read moreChevron

George Frideric Handel: A New Appreciation


I was planning on writing yet another piece about lithium, but something funny happened on my way to the keyboard. I made myself a sandwich and switched on the latest TED... Read moreChevron