Sunday, November 23, 2014
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Is an Effective Bipolar Treatment Just Around the Corner? Depends How You Look At It ...

The purpose of this piece is to give you a sample of cutting-edge research into bipolar. My intention is to be impressionistic, rather than explicit. In other words, don’t feel you need to comprehend the technical fine points.




Last week, in San Diego, I... Read moreChevron

On Gratitude

This is a quick piece about gratitude. This may sound like a joke to many of us, having regard to what we have to live with and the many tricks that fate seems to play on us, but humor me, okay?


I am headed into the eighth anniversary of moving to southern CA from the east coast. As I recounted in my... Read moreChevron

It's Official: Psychiatry is Dead

I’ve been wanting to write a "psychiatry is dead" piece for the longest time. The proximate cause for finally getting around to it is a conference I attended this week, Exponential Medicine put on by Read moreChevron

Jammin' with the Scientists

Warning: Didgeridoo alert ...


But this is different. This morning, I received a strange tweet: Someone needed a didgeridoo to play at a certain medical conference in town. The author of the tweet pointed an @ straight at me.


I know, we all get these requests all the... Read moreChevron

Myers-Briggs and Bipolar: Finding Your Emotional Sweetspot

The other day, I talked to a friend about the personality test, known as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). I searched through HealthCentral to sift through the ten or more pieces I knew I had to have written over the last nine years, only to discover there were none.


Let’s amend that deficit... Read moreChevron