Wednesday, May 06, 2015
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John McManamy's Posts

Distressed by the News? It's OK to Take a News Break ...

Think of this as my version of a public service announcement ...


Every so often, I feel the need to remind people that our health and well-being may depend on filtering out the news and commentary that pervade our society and invade our personal space. Too much of it is disturbing, too much of it calculated to get a rise... Read moreChevron

The Bipolar's Dilemma: Anticipating When Things Go Right

Last year, I wrote about the bipolar’s dilemma. Here’s the situation: 


On one hand, we have to accept certain limits our illness imposes on us. In certain situations, this may involve staying home rather than venturing out... Read moreChevron

It's Official: The Serotonin Myth of Depression is Dead

Serotonin and depression,” reads the title to an editorial in the latest British Medical Journal. “The marketing of a myth,” reads the subheading.


The author is David Healy, professor of psychiatry at Cardiff University. Just to show you... Read moreChevron

An Earth Day Meditation

Just a quick Earth Day reminder to take a nature walk, hug a tree, breathe, sync with the elements, and reconnect with your spirit. 


A couple of days ago, I went walking in nature with a good friend. We found a spot and settled in. She took off her shoes, anchored her bare feet on a boulder poking out of the earth, looked up... Read moreChevron

The Moon and Madness: There is Some Truth to "Lunatic"

We know the ancients ascribed the full moon to madness. The Skeptic’s Dictionary writes off lunar effects as artifacts of folklore and tradition. But are we just being smug? Could the ancients have spotted something that we - a people long alienated from nature - have missed?


Prior to the advent of modern lighting, the moon... Read moreChevron