Saturday, August 30, 2014
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John McManamy's Posts

Reflecting on Robin Williams and Suicide

Robin Williams’s suicide shocked and saddened all of us. I published two posts on HealthCentral’s bipolar site, which can be found here and here.   This is a good time, writing from a depression perspective, to focus on suicide. This is an issue all of us living with depression - no exceptions - have confronted. Some of us have... Read moreChevron

Police Violence: Half of Those Who Get Killed Have a Mental Illness

Warning: If you get upset over reports in the news media, particularly over recent events. I strongly suggest you give this post a miss. Take care of yourself, be well. We’ll catch up next time.   Trust me, I did not want to write this. I recently returned from a spiritually refreshing road trip to highly disturbing reports of the... Read moreChevron

More on the Bipolar's Dilemma: Taking Risks vs Playing Safe

A couple of weeks ago, in The Bipolar’s Dilemma, I posted from Oregon on a trip-in-progress that I very nearly did not embark on. Here’s the issue: Our illness has a way of imposing limits on what we can and cannot do. After trial and error, we learn to adjust and not tempt fate.   At all costs, we avoid situations that run the... Read moreChevron

Robin Williams: In Truth, We Will Never Know

  I have been off the grid for most of the last two weeks, and thus missed the media commentary into the suicide of Robin Williams. I hesitate to add my own voice. Like you, I feel a deep sense of grief and loss. This was a giant of a man who has been a close part of my life for four decades.   A personality as unique and outsized as... Read moreChevron

RIP Robin Williams: The Day the Laughter Died

Real quick: I emerged from four days off the grid in the Oregon woods to discover that comedian Robin Williams was found dead from an apparent suicide.   Here is a snippet from a piece I wrote many years back: "You know you have bipolar, the joke goes, if you think Robin Williams is too laid back. "Manic" is the term most often used to... Read moreChevron