Monday, August 31, 2015
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Is Your Phone Smart Enough to be Your Therapist?: A Speculative Glimpse into the Future

A few days ago, I attended a lecture presented by DBSA San Diego. The speaker was Colin Depp, a psychologist in the department of psychiatry at UCSD. The topic was the role of technology in mental health. A quick transcription of my notes … 


Based on 2013 data, 91 percent of Americans have cell phones, and 86... Read moreChevron

Death in Albuquerque: Will Justice be Served?

Warning: This piece has disturbing content. Please feel free to take a news break from this blog …


Yesterday, various news outlets reported that two Albuquerque police officers will face charges of second degree murder, voluntary manslaughter, and battery in connection with the March 2014 shooting death of James... Read moreChevron

Lessons From the Road: Nature, Music, Community, New Experiences

I will keep this post short. I’m back home, after being on the road for 11 days - three days camping out in Lassen Volcanic National Park, four days at a didgeridoo gathering in Oregon, and the rest of the time logging more than 2,500 miles getting back and fourth.


The trip reinforced a number of personal lessons... Read moreChevron

Robin Williams: One Year Later

Last year, at this time, I emerged from several days off the grid to read the breaking news about Robin Williams. We all know the tragic story.


This is going to be short. Let’s make the first anniversary of his death a time to pause and reflect. Like many of you, I survived both childhood and adulthood by cultivating... Read moreChevron

Is It Bipolar? Test Yourself - Second Edition

How good are you at spotting bipolar behavior? This is my second installment. You can read my first one here. Below are five hypothetical situations. Let’s get started:    


Situation One. You have a brilliant idea... Read moreChevron