Friday, May 22, 2015
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Our Personal Battle for Reality: Yes, It's Real

In the novel I’m working on, reality is not as we perceive it. In my story, the “reality field” is in a state of collapse and is about to take the human race with it, all under the auspices of a jokester God who views our follies as a source of his personal amusement.


On second thought, maybe it’s... Read moreChevron

Understanding Our Mixed States

Until fairly recently, “mixed states” in bipolar were regarded as something of a rarity. These days, psychiatry is recognizing the very opposite is true: mixed states are closer to the norm.


Picture mixed states as a sort of psychic mosh pit where depression meets mania. Worlds collide. We are literally... Read moreChevron

Meaning in Our Lives: Our Number One Recovery Tool

The Life-Saving Power of Purpose, reads the latest blog post of my good friend Therese Borchard on Everyday Health.




Since the end of 2008, with the collapse... Read moreChevron

The Kindling Theory of Bipolar: Does One Episode Beget Future Episodes?

Does our bipolar get progressively worse over time? If left untreated, the answer is a resounding “yes” from the psychiatric profession. Let’s investigate …


The experts talk of “sensitization” and “kindling.” For instance, if you subject lab animals to stimulants or zap them... Read moreChevron

Depression: It's Complicated - Just Ask Lincoln


In the book on bipolar I am working on, I ask readers to conceive of “up” as simply being higher than “down.” With down, though, I’m suggesting the very opposite - that... Read moreChevron