Sunday, March 01, 2015
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John McManamy's Posts

A Brief History of Bipolar Disorder

I’m hard at work right now on a book on bipolar. This would supplant the one that came out nearly nine years ago, based on a manuscript I turned in ten years ago.


This time, I’m going the self-publishing route, a series of short books (I see six, right now), that will add up to a rather large one. So it occurred... Read moreChevron

A Rough Valentine's Day? Here's to a Great One Next Year ...

If any of you ate chocolate this Valentine’s day, most likely it wasn’t in the company of a loved one. The odds hardly favor us being in long-term loving relationships, and a lot of us have just given up.


After all, we can be rather challenging to get along with.


Really? More so than the... Read moreChevron

Happy Birthday, Abe and Charlie - A Glance at Brilliance and Depression

This day in 1809 witnessed the birth of both Lincoln and Darwin. 


"The sight of a feather in a peacock's tail, whenever I gaze at it, makes me sick!" Darwin wrote.


What was going on in Darwin’s mind was this: Natural selection should have favored birds unburdened by excessive... Read moreChevron

Bipolar Quiz: How Well Do You Know Up?

How well do you understand 'up'? Diagnostic psychiatry, with its emphasis on symptom checklists, gives us the impression that mania and hypomania are objectively quantifiable states. 


In reality, context is everything. To prove the point, here is a little quiz for you. Good luck... Read moreChevron

A Funny Thing Happened To Me While Depressed

I have no explanation for this …


Last week, I spun into a depression. I have as many names for my depressions as an Eskimo has for snow. Let’s call this one my dark-matter-of-the-universe depression. On a quantum level, my Higgs boson simply wasn’t holding it together.


I felt myself... Read moreChevron