Friday, August 22, 2014
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John McManamy's Posts

Robin Williams: In Truth, We Will Never Know

  I have been off the grid for most of the last two weeks, and thus missed the media commentary into the suicide of Robin Williams. I hesitate to add my own voice. Like you, I feel a deep sense of grief and loss. This was a giant of a man who has been a close part of my life for four decades.   A personality as unique and outsized as... Read moreChevron

RIP Robin Williams: The Day the Laughter Died

Real quick: I emerged from four days off the grid in the Oregon woods to discover that comedian Robin Williams was found dead from an apparent suicide.   Here is a snippet from a piece I wrote many years back: "You know you have bipolar, the joke goes, if you think Robin Williams is too laid back. "Manic" is the term most often used to... Read moreChevron

The Bipolar's Dilemma

I'm typing this with one finger on my iPad. If I cut this piece short, I hope you will forgive me.   I am in a hotel room on the Oregon coast about to go off the grid for a few days to attend a didgeridoo festival. I have been to two, but this year, faced with the prospect of driving about 1,200 miles each way by myself, I almost stayed... Read moreChevron

A Bipolar Look at Buddhism: It's Mainstream, It's Practical, and It May Save Your Life - See more at

Yesterday, with a friend, I showed up at a Buddhist meditation group. This was the first such meeting I have attended in decades. I don’t engage in any regular Buddhist practice and I’m very much a failed meditator. Yet, I felt right at home.   What gives?   The short answer is a lot of the lessons I learned from way back... Read moreChevron

Bipolar Relationships: Reassuring Your "Normal" Partner

Last week, we looked at bipolar relationships from what you need to do to when your partner is feeling depressed or manicky. This typically involves meeting your loved one on his or her own terms, however irrational their thinking and behavior may appear to you.   This means suspending judgment, listening, and validating both the... Read moreChevron