Friday, July 03, 2015
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Anger: Part of Bipolar or Not?

My blogging comrade-in-arms Natasha Tracy just posted a piece on anger. I have written on the topic before, but nothing, I recall, for HealthCentral. Let’s amend that right now …


Tracy starts off... Read moreChevron

Celebrating Summer, Anticipating Winter: Why Our Moods Shift With the Seasons

On the occasion of the first day of summer, one of my FaceBook friends asked: “Do you have anything regarding why solstices and equinoxes can be difficult for bipolar?”


Following is an expanded and reworked version of my answer …


We are very much creatures of seasonal cycles. Kay... Read moreChevron

This Just In: Depression is Not One Illness - A New Study Breaks Down the Data

In a number of pieces here on HealthCentral, I have challenged the notion of depression as a single disease. By treating all depressions as the same, researchers and clinicians alike are failing in the performance of their duties.


What woke me up to this was a journal article I came across in 2004 by Gordon Parker of the... Read moreChevron

The Bipolar Advantage: A Reappraisal

A good many of you reading this are familiar with Tom Wootton and his book, The Bipolar Advantage. Let’s rewind back to September, 2006, very soon after his book came out. I had just attended a DBSA conference outside San Francisco, where I sat in on his two sessions. As I reported here on Read moreChevron

Suicide: The One Topic I Rarely Write About

I tend to write about what I can laugh at. Of all things, I have learned to laugh at depression. It’s complicated. Cultivating a sense of humor was my key to getting through a challenging childhood. Finding comic absurdities in the midst of overwhelming despair somehow lifted me above the crushing pain.


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