Saturday, September 20, 2014
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John McManamy's Posts

The Power of Two: What Works for Creativity Also Works for Recovery

This is a piece about friendship. But it starts with a discussion on creativity. Bear with me ...   I’m half-way through Joshua Shenk’s latest book, The Power of Two, which explodes the myth of the solitary creative genius. Instead, Mr Shenk makes the case for what happens when two simpatico people with complementary skill-sets... Read moreChevron

Analyzing Kay Jamison: What to Shoot for in Writing Your Bipolar Memoir

Last week, I posted a piece that offered pointers on writing a bipolar memoir. Let’s continue the discussion by analyzing your competition. I have selected two wholly different memoirs, one a celebrated classic, the other far more modest.      An Unquiet Mind by Kay Jamison     This memoir sets the standard on so... Read moreChevron

Writing Your Bipolar Memoir: A Few Pointers

This is a short piece on memoir-writing. The curse of our illness seems to confer the blessing of turning us into amazingly good writers, and I have certainly seen an abundance of evidence of that in your posts and comments here on HealthCentral.   I know a lot of you have thought about writing your memoirs. Following are some pointers, which... Read moreChevron

Schools: A Threat to Mental Health?

With everyone back in school, perhaps not uncoincidentally, I became aware of a rash of articles and videos - some new, some old - that sternly indict our education system (at least in the US) for the damage they inflict upon our children.   At the same time, I came across stories of kids who were thriving outside of the school... Read moreChevron

Remembering Kevin

I am coming into the six anniversary of the suicide of my good friend, Kevin Greim. He would have been 34. I had just returned home late Monday from a DBSA meeting. As I wrote here on HealthCentral in a post the very next day:   A new message was on my answering machine. It was from Susan, my ex-wife. In a quavering voice, she braced me for... Read moreChevron