Tuesday, September 16, 2014
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John McManamy's Posts

Analyzing Kay Jamison: What to Shoot for in Writing Your Bipolar Memoir

Last week, I posted a piece that offered pointers on writing a bipolar memoir. Let’s continue the discussion by analyzing your competition. I have selected two wholly different memoirs, one a celebrated classic, the other far more modest.      An Unquiet Mind by Kay Jamison     This memoir sets the standard on so... Read moreChevron

Writing Your Bipolar Memoir: A Few Pointers

This is a short piece on memoir-writing. The curse of our illness seems to confer the blessing of turning us into amazingly good writers, and I have certainly seen an abundance of evidence of that in your posts and comments here on HealthCentral.   I know a lot of you have thought about writing your memoirs. Following are some pointers, which... Read moreChevron

Schools: A Threat to Mental Health?

With everyone back in school, perhaps not uncoincidentally, I became aware of a rash of articles and videos - some new, some old - that sternly indict our education system (at least in the US) for the damage they inflict upon our children.   At the same time, I came across stories of kids who were thriving outside of the school... Read moreChevron

Remembering Kevin

I am coming into the six anniversary of the suicide of my good friend, Kevin Greim. He would have been 34. I had just returned home late Monday from a DBSA meeting. As I wrote here on HealthCentral in a post the very next day:   A new message was on my answering machine. It was from Susan, my ex-wife. In a quavering voice, she braced me for... Read moreChevron

Medicating Our Kids: The Agony of Making a Decision

In his June 6 Director’s Blog, Thomas Insel, head of the NIMH, reports that: According to a CDC study cited at a recent Carter Center symposium, 10,000 toddlers may be receiving psychostimulant medication, such as Ritalin. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, 7.5 percent of US children ages 6-17 took meds for... Read moreChevron