Monday, March 27, 2017
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John McManamy's Posts

Feeling Like You Don't Belong Here: The Bipolar Question of the Week

Actually, this is the bipolar question of the month. For a number of years, we ran a question of the week. Now is a good time to revive this feature …


The question concerns the sense of disconnect most of us tend to feel in our lives. People invariably describe this in terms of being an outsider or not fitting in or... Read moreChevron

When Resolutions Fail: What Next?

It’s the end of January. No doubt, you have given up on your New Year Resolutions. If you haven’t, in all probably, a long time ago, you gave up on making them. A year ago, I came up with a better option. I call it my counter-intuitive guide to surviving. Following is a review, with new... Read moreChevron

Relationships - The Key to Happiness: Lessons From the Longest-Running Psychiatric Study

We all know depression entirely too well. But what about happiness? What lessons can we learn to start doing the right things - or avoid doing the wrong ones? According to Robert Waldinger in a recent Read moreChevron

Melancholia and Inside Out: What Two Films Can Teach Us About Depression

At their best, movies can provide insights into human nature that we can’t get out of experts or books or from talking to friends. Two fairly recent offerings turn their cinematic eye on depression, and are well worth downloading.


The first is a European art film, the second a Pixar cartoon. Let’s take a look... Read moreChevron

Did Evolution Take a Wrong Turn? Is This Why We Feel So Disconnected?

I’m hard on work on my next book in The Bipolar Expert Series. This book will focus on behavior. I just completed four draft chapters that will comprise my part one. They are not the chapters I expected to write. Let’s investigate …


Ever since I could remember, I have always felt like I was an... Read moreChevron