Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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John McManamy's Posts

Using Our Creativity in Our Recovery: A Funny Thing Happened After I Said "Yes"

I’ve posted many times here on the topic of creativity. A number of leading mental health experts have explored the bipolar connection, most notably Kay Jamison and Nancy Andreasen.   Most of us would agree that having bipolar is one very high price to pay for artistic and other gifts. Indeed, a good many of us would gladly return the... Read moreChevron

Police Violence Against the Mentally Ill: Why Is There No Public Outcry?

Last week, I reported on the shooting and killing of James Boyd, a homeless man with a history of mental illness. Albuquerque Police confronted Mr Boyd with raised firearms and a police dog, then fired at him from close range. An officer pumped four beanbag rounds into his prostrate form and another unleashed the dog upon him.   The shooting... Read moreChevron

Easter Sunday Meditation: Can We Enlist Depression in Our Personal Growth?

Easter Sunday - a time to pause and reflect on rebirth, resurrection, transformation, and healing. The themes are universal. They manifest in nature. They resonate across all cultures. We can apply them in our personal lives.   The Gospels tell the story of a being who suffered as a man, entered into death, was buried in a cave, and emerged... Read moreChevron

The Dating Game: The Thrill of Victory, the Agony of Defeat

Time for some comic relief. In the novel I’m working on, one of my characters insists that our only purpose in life is to make God laugh. God, in effect, sees the banana peel we are about to slip on. My past week is a case in point ...   In February, with great trepidation, I returned to online dating. A very happy relationship I had... Read moreChevron

Police Shootings of People with Mental Illness - This is a Growing Problem

This post has very disturbing content. It involves a recent police shooting and killing of a homeless man with mental illness.     On March 14, Albuquerque police were involved in a stand-off with James Boyd, 38, who had been camping in the foothills outside of town. Mr Boyd, who was contending with schizophrenia, had a history of... Read moreChevron