Question of the Week - Keeping Your Resolutions

John McManamy Health Guide
  • We're all good at making resolutions. Keeping them is another matter. Five days into January and already our lives are littered with broken resolutions.


    Resolutions are not a once-a-year thing for our population. Our illness takes no prisoners, and managing it requires 180 degree course corrections in our behaviors - from smart lifestyle choices (diet, exercise, sleep), to disciplining ourselves to new routines, to sticking to our meds, to learning new coping skills, to making major choices regarding relationships and career. On and on it goes ...


    Often, the heat is on (such as going off your meds at your own risk). Other times, there is no pressure (who is going to hold you accountable for missing your daily walk?). We know what we need to do, yet doing it can be so difficult.

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    Question: How do you keep your resolutions?

    Follow-up quesion: What is going on when you fail to keep your resolutions?


    To start off the conversation, with regard to exercise, I make it fun: Walks, water volleyball ... Fun is something I can stick to. If it's work, I'm simply not going to do it. I fail every time.


    Feel free to write a book. Comments below ...




Published On: January 05, 2010