Question of the Week - Do You Agree with the Draft DSM-5?

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  • Yesterday, the American Psychiatric Association's DSM-V Task Force released a rough draft of the next edition of the DSM - the diagnostic bible - scheduled for publication in 20013. The new version is supposed to be a reflection of all we have learned since the first modern DSM (the DSM-III) of 1980, which introduced the symptom checklist to diagnostic psychiatry, and the most recent update of 1994 (the DSM-IV), which recognized bipolar II for the first time.


    You can check out the draft version at the APA's DSM-5 site, then clicking the various links for depression and bipolar. I have my own strong opinions on what the Task Force did right and did wrong, but first I want to hear from you. Question:

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    Does the DSM-5 draft version of bipolar truly reflect your clinical reality? Or does the Task Force need to tear up its draft and start over?




Published On: February 11, 2010