Question of the Week: Springing Ahead

John McManamy Health Guide
  • From my home in Southern CA, I'm hearing scattered reports of good weather around the rest of the country. Well, more along the lines of: "The roads are flooded, but at least we're not freezing." Anyway, as I'm preparing for summer where I live, most of the rest of you are looking ahead to spring - to being released from your winter confinement to the boundless outdoors, to feeling the sun on your face, to hearing the birds, to marveling at Mother Nature, to feeling a sense of rebirth and renewal.


    Literally, a good many of you are emerging from hibernation - and there is good science to back up the proposition that our mood cycles are linked to our seasonal cycles - and looking ahead to your personal springtime of the soul.

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    Question: What plans do you have for spring? What does spring mean to you?


    Be as prosaic or as poetic as you like. Tell us about your flower beds or cleaning out the garage or going for a walk. Maybe this year you will finally master your golf swing, after you figure out where your five-year-old hid your three wood. Maybe you're feeling a connection to something greater than yourself.


    Go for it. Comments below ...


Published On: April 01, 2010