Something New?

John McManamy Health Guide
  • Predictable routines may be good for managing our illness, but sinking into the same old ruts are not. Our brain cells function better with no surprises, but they need novel situations to flourish.


    Sometimes we need to make a stretch. Other times, it comes naturally. One thing to share: Until a couple of years ago, I never owned a camera. Then I bought a videocam and Final Cut Express, and suddenly you couldn't stop me. Having new toys to play with lifted me out of the dangerous dark hole I was sinking into. 


    Question: Tried anything new lately?


    New hobby, new career, new friends, new relationships? New toys, new recipes, new places to visit?

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    Please feel free to share with us your success (or failures) in overcoming your inhibitions and fears and other obstacles. Comments below ...

Published On: April 30, 2010