Question of the Week: When Life Takes You By Surprise

John McManamy Health Guide
  • On Sunday, life dumped a very unpleasant surprise on me. Not unpleasant as in I will get over it unpleasant. No, this was the kind of unpleasant that involved making very fast life-changing decisions over the type of things I would rather spend months quietly assessing. I made the decisions and carried them out. But I also had my emotions to deal with: Normal responses to an extraordinary situation, plus fighting for my life to fend off a killer depression.


    I'm okay now. But what I went through the past several days got me thinking. A surprise by its very nature means we are not ready for it. But does this mean we always have to be caught flat-footed? Question:

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    What plans do you have in place when life takes you by surprise?


    Coping skills? Friends to reach out to? Feel free to share your experiences. Comments below ...



Published On: May 06, 2010