Question of the Week: Online Dating Services - Help!

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  • Last night, I registered for an online dating service. This is a first for me. I've met a bunch of people who have had great success with this sort of thing, so I decided to give it a go. From a theoretical viewpoint, it all makes sense: We don't want to isolate and this would be a good way to meet women. Moreover, I wouldn't have to commit to a LTR (long term relationship) with every stranger I agreed to have a cup of coffee with.


    But then I started to fill in my personal info and my anxiety levels ratcheted right up. Will people think I'm a snob if I put down that I read The New Yorker? Or just plain read? And what are the implications of clicking "spiritual/not religious"? Does that call for further explanation?

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    Then I started checking out the women who were listed. Should I contact this one? I wondered. Nah, not my type. That one? No, I'm not good enough ... Once more I was a freshman in high school, summoning the nerve to walk across the gym floor to ask a girl to dance.


    At one in the morning, way past my bed time, I finally decided to initiate contact with the one woman who reminded me of my past two-and-a-half girlfriends, all who knew how to use chainsaws (I don't, which may be why I'm drawn to chainsaw gals). Why was I tempting fate by repeating my old patterns?


    Then, just as I was shutting down operations for the night, a woman who obviously didn't know how to use a chainsaw contacted me. Now what?


    I know I'm not the first one here to try this out. I need your help. Actually, we could probably all use help. Question:


    Tell us about your experiences with online dating services. What advice to you have to offer? What type of rookie mistakes do we need to avoid? Successes? Failures?

    Also, if you have been thinking about trying online dating services but haven't made the plunge, what has been holding you back?


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Published On: August 05, 2010