Question of the Week: Dealing with a Broken-off Relationship

John McManamy Health Guide
  • I could use your wise counsel here. Tuesday evening, my girlfriend phoned me and informed me that she was now my ex-girlfriend. Naturally, I'm feeling like crap, only not nearly so happy-go-lucky. It doesn't help that an event like this kicks all the emotional substrata of my illness into high gear, from sleep disturbance to racing thoughts to feelings of worthlessness to anger and despair, and on and on. Actually, I would be pretty abnormal if I didn't experience any of this, but I need to process this in a constructive manner. Right now, I'm reaching out to friends, doing things, taking time off, and trying not to cast blame. I know just about all of you have dealt with breakups and somehow gotten through it. Question:

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    You're suddenly not in a loving relationship anymore. How do you handle it?

Published On: November 18, 2010