Question of the Week: A Matter of Taste

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  • This week I got a new pasta maker. I enjoy cooking, so this wasn't an impulse buy. My motto is: Why do it the quick and easy way when you can do it from scratch? Apparently, there is a method to my madness. Martin Seligman in "Authentic Happiness" notes that our microwave mentality is not conducive to happiness, that food actually tastes better when you labor long and hard preparing it yourself. Apparently, the greater the effort the greater the reward. Author Jonah Lehrer in his "The Frontal Cortex" blog can even cite the brain science studies in support. It's not about the actual taste. It's the brain's perception to how the food tastes.

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    A lot of you have had the opportunity to do a lot of cooking this week. Just about all of you have had the opportunity to do a lot of eating. Question:


    Does your food taste better when you cook and prepare it from scratch? Feel free to elaborate.


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    (By the way, my pasta was the best I ever tasted. The Thanksgiving feast that I threw together yesterday wasn't bad, either.)

Published On: November 26, 2010