Question of the Week: Great Meal, Perfect Moment

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  • It's evening. I'm savoring a nice hot cup of cocoa. Correction. I just finished savoring the cocoa. Now I'm at the keyboard writing about it. Anyway, my act of savoring brought up a memory from 35 years ago. (Yikes! Was it that long?) I was riding my motorcycle along Cape Anne in Massachusetts. It was a bleak, cold, blustery December day, the kind that reminds present-day visitors of The Perfect Storm.


    I think I was the only one on the entire eastern seaboard dumb enough to venture outside on two wheels in weather like this. I pulled into a greasy spoon and ordered a beef stew. A simple beef stew. There was something about the damp chill in my body in combination with the warmth of my portion that made it the best meal I had ever sufficed to partake in. I savored each bite, in what I can only describe as a state of proto-transcendent nirvanic bliss.

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    A perfect - and unexpected - moment. Here I am, 35 years later, reliving every last delicious second.


    I'm going with two versions of this week's question. The first one is basic and the second one the sky's the limit:


    1. Best meal you ever had. The food may have been ordinary, but the experience was beyond eating. Tell us everything.

    2. A perfect moment for you. The earth stood still for you. Something inside you shifted. Years later, it's part of your personal highlight reel.


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Published On: December 17, 2010