Question of the Week: Growing Up In Your Family

John McManamy Health Guide
  • Of late, I have been enjoying long fruitful conversations with both my brother and my sister. It is not just a blood relationship. They are the only two individuals on a planet of nearly seven billion who can provide me with a ground-level perspective of the unlikely world I found myself dragged kicking and screaming into. In many ways, they have validated my experiences. In other ways they have opened my eyes.


    We know bipolar is a biological illness, but there is also a very strong environmental component, including the family influences that shaped us, both for better and worse. Perhaps, given a different set of circumstances, my bipolar may have never manifested. Or maybe it would have been a lot worse. What I do know is that my conversations have been a very healing exercise, for me and the two people who grew up under the same roof.

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    I'm going to make this week's question as open-ended as possible:


    Your family, growing up. Anything you would like to share?


    Trust me, we all need to be talking. Comments below ...


Published On: January 14, 2011