Question of the Week: High and Low Holidays Moments

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  • If you're like me, you have already forgotten all about the holidays. But I ask you to indulge me and try to remember. Here's where I'm coming from:


    Instead of thinking of the middle of November through to the first week of January as "the holidays," maybe we should subdivide the days and weeks along these lines:


    • Oh, crap, I've got a zillion things I need to do that I'm never going to get done month.
    • Here I am stuck in a friggin' airport with my flight delayed for four hours day.
    • I'm on my sister's front porch, about to ring the doorbell, doing my best to put on my really glad to see you and all the rest of my miserable family day.


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    You get the picture ...


    Or maybe, some of your experiences went like this:


    • What an unbelievably good feeling I had when I dropped a parcel into the Toys for Tots bin day.
    • Wow, I can't believe what a great conversation I had with cousin Mildred eve.


    Chances are you experienced your share of both types of experiences. In other words, your holidays were hardly uniform, as the name implies, and likewise neither were your moods.


    Question: Tell us about your peak holiday experiences, and also your lowest moments. What did you dread most about the holidays? What did you look forward to most? Pleasant surprises? Worst disappointments?


    Extra credit: Let us know how you got through the holidays in one piece.


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Published On: January 22, 2011