Question of the Week: Big Projects

John McManamy Health Guide
  • I'm just coming up for air. I hope I remember how to breathe. Since before Christmas I've been engaged in overhauling my mcmanweb site. I had the pleasure of crossing the finish line earlier this week. New look, fresh content, everything.


    The challenge for me was pacing myself over a marathon that I knew was going to consume just about all my waking hours. I allowed myself plenty of breaks and made sure not to neglect the things I needed to be doing to keep myself healthy. On one hand, having something to wake up to and getting in the flow is what life is all about. On the other, too much of a good thing sets us up for bad stuff.

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    With our illness, any change in routine equates to skating on thin ice. But life happens. Things need to get done. Whatever balance we may have worked into our lives becomes unbalanced. Then the challenge begins ...


    Question: How do you manage your life through big projects?


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Published On: January 28, 2011