Question of the Week: ECT

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  • I'm headed out the door to drive someone to ECT. ECT arouses a lot of passions, but in the case of this individual it brought him back from the dead. Literally, it's been a miracle. Nothing else was working. I could barely believe my eyes. This individual endured a year of the worst possible hell. He was a ghost, a shell. Now he has his humanity back, as well as his soul. And his life.


    He is now on occasional maintenance treatment.


    Naturally, I wouldn't advocate the treatment for everyone, but I'm all in favor of intelligent discussion. Another good friend of mine did not benefit at all from ECT. Others report memory loss.

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    An excellent book on the topic is Shock by Kitty Dukasis and Larry Tye. The treatment was a miracle for Ms Dukakis, but she acknowledges memory loss. The book has a very balanced discussion on the issues. But you are the real experts. Question:

    Tell us about your ECT treatments, or those of someone close to you.

    Also, if you never had ECT, would you consider it?

Published On: February 25, 2011