Question of the Week: Dating

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  • I'm dipping my toe back into dating again, and of course I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. This is a universal trait, of course. I do feel very comforable in the company of the opposite sex, but there are those inevitable moments when I feel like I'm assembling an IKEA set of drawers with one of the pieces missing.


    My illness compounds the situation. What I share with nearly all of you is a tendency to think and feel deeper than the population at large. This is both a gift and a curse. In the right setting, we come across as very interesting and sensitive, with passion in our lives. In the wrong setting, we come across as loud and boorish.

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    On one hand, our dark moods are a source of fascination. On the other, they confuse and frighten.


    One one hand, we are highly emphathic and engaged. On the other, we are clueless and withdrawn.


    Fun to be around, a bit frightening to be around, on and on it goes.


    In the meantime, it can be very difficult to interpret what is going on around us and inside us. On one hand, our amplified thoughts and feelings and perceptions make us hyper-aware to the point of practically being psychic. On the other, we are often blinded to the obvious.


    Our capacity for thinking and feeling deeper often overwhelms us. We over-react, we under-react. How do we go with our feelings if we feel too much? How do we trust our thinking if we over-think?


    So, here I am - again. Dipping my toe back into the water. Interpret my question as a cry for help:


    How do you manage your thinking and emotions in dating situations? How do you avoid making bad decisions? How do you avoid making a bad impresion?


    Please feel free to fill in the question any way you like. Please feel free to write a book. Comments below ...

Published On: March 25, 2011