Stopping for a Little Perspective

John McManamy Health Guide
  • The leaves are turning the color of mud and I can feel the foreboding of a dark, cold winter, but right now it’s sunny and I’m feeling reasonably happy. A month ago, the serotonin was draining from my brain and the oil light had just gone on. I won’t say I was brilliant in my management of the situation. But I’m here, my brain is working, and I can say this time around, at least, I wasn’t a helpless bystander.

    Fortunately, my living situation gave me wiggle room. I have a lovely wife who puts up with me and a cat who makes me laugh. I am self-employed and work from home, which means I can juggle my hours around my moods. My one toxic situation came from volunteer work I was doing, so I was able to remove myself from that immediately.
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    I dare not think of what might have happened had I been in a bad marriage and stuck in a thankless job with an abusive boss. Call that a “code red.” Mine was more like a “code puce.”

    So I’m not about to congratulate myself on how smart I was. Not until I successfully deal with what many of you have to deal with every day. You’re the true heroes. What I’ve been through makes me appreciate what I didn’t have to go through — and makes me thankful for what I have. I live a fairly modest existence, but I share it with a woman I love. Without my illness, I probably could have been making six figures. But then I’d likely be sitting in my corner office envying someone like me. And my grown daughter is a gene pool jackpot.

    I know Thanksgiving is supposed to come at the end of the month. Please forgive me for starting early.

Published On: October 21, 2005