Question of the Week: Budget-Busting Decisions

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  • Earlier this week, my trusty 1992 Tercel - "The Chick Magnet - died on me. This meant having to scramble about figuring out my next move. Not always a great prospect with the kind of brain that I was born with. How was I going to find a replacement for The Chick Magnet? Seriously, I paid all of $800 for it four years ago. Where was I going to find something that reliable for $800?


    Would spending say $2,500 offer me peace-of-mind? $4,000? $5,000?


    So, here I was, a couple of days later, on a used car lot, not even knowing how to kick tires convincingly. A couple of hours later, I drove out of the lot in an eerily silent car three football fields long with a working radio and air-conditioner, plus seats that didn't need blankets thrown over them. And not a single custom-made ding anywhere.

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    I had no idea what I was doing.


    But - mission accomplished. Let's see if "The Silver Monster" proves as good as an investment as The Chick Magnet.


    Anyway, life is full of the unexpected. Sh_t happens. Huge holes get blown in our budgets. With the brains we're born with, we typically over-react and over-think.

    But then necessity forces us to decide and act. There may have been better ways of deciding and acting, but we can at least take comfort in having risen to the occasion. Life goes on ...


    Question: Cast your mind back to the last budget-busting decision you were forced to make. What was going through your mind? How did you handle the situation?


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Published On: April 09, 2011