Question of the Week: Royal Weddings and You

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  • I heard a wedding happened yesterday. I didn't watch it, but I do wish the Royal couple well. The event, even though I tuned it out, did bring back memories of my first Royal Wedding. My first marriage was in its first stages of falling apart and I was camping out a friend's place. The TV was on. Charles and Diana were tying the knot.


    My marriage dragged on another two years. Then, kaput. I don't think I'm meant to be in long-term relationships. for me right now is looking more like


    By the way, I did get to glimpse Diana in person the year my marriage broke up. She was way more beautiful than her photos and news clips could even begin to suggest.

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    Question: What thoughts about loving relationshipships did the Royal Wedding bring up for you?


    Please feel free to be more cheerful than me. :)


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Published On: April 30, 2011