Bipolar Disorder, Hypomania, and Jung: Question of the Week

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  • After posting last week about Jung's illustrated personal spiritual diary, released in 2009 as The "Red Book," I was sorely tempted to purchase a copy on Amazon. Hey, what's $109 when you're feeling a bit hypomanic, right?


    Coincidentally, The Red Book came up in a post I had done on the dark side of hypomania.


    But just in time, I managed to get in touch with my inner accountant, who squelched my impulse. Being rational is just no fun.


    A day or two later, a friend unexpectedly emailed me a $50 Amazon gift certificate. Suddenly, The Red Book was within my budget. Well, not too far outside. Okay, way over budget, but at least I could rationalize the purchase. My Red Book is on its way.

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    Jung had a name for this sort of "meaningful coincidence," which he termed "synchronicity." A skeptic would call it "magical thinking," but what do they know? Besides, how many of them have ever experienced a synchronous event involving no less than Dr Synchronicity himself?


    Regardless, strange things happen, even to skeptics. Anyway, you heard my little story. I'm interested in hearing yours. Question:


    Tell us about something uncanny that happened to you.


    Trust me, this has Jung's approval.

Published On: May 14, 2011