Giving Up TV and Radio - Question of the Week

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  • It's been about a year since I moved into my new place. I have no TV and do not miss it. Likewise, I do not have a radio. Yes, last night I did view some old George Carlin clips via YouTube on my desktop. Yes, I do listen to streamed music via Pandora. But this is hardly the same as mindlessly having the idiot box and radio going every waking moment.


    Call me crazy, but I regard my home as my castle, sanctuary from the outside world. To me, the TV or radio represents the loud houseguest from hell, the boorish intrusive lout who just won't shut up. Sorry, I just don't get it. Why on earth do people automatically - without thinking - click on the TV or radio? Why do people automatically assume that the TV takes precedence over any conversation going on in the room?

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    Don't get me wrong - I know there is some very high-quality radio and TV. But when it's going, I can no longer hear my own thoughts, enjoy my own space. Do you remember the feeling - just you or you with your soulmate in quiet contemplation?


    Anyway, I'm interested in your thoughts. Question:


    A TV-free, radio-free week - are you willing to give it a go?


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Published On: May 21, 2011