Cold Symptoms, Depression, and Healing - Question of the Week

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  • Last Saturday, I arrived home from the 9th International Conference on Bipolar Disorder in Pittsburgh only to wake up with a bad cold. I've been pretty much flat on my back the whole week. If I had to describe depression to someone, I would say it's a lot like a cold only without the cold symptoms. Feeling psychically miserable, no energy, can't think, just want to go to sleep and not wake up.


    Then again, maybe there is no separation between a cold and depression. At the bipolar conference, several speakers informed us that bipolar should not be considered an isolated condition, that it is in reality a systemic illness connected to all the networks in the body. 

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    In this context, there is a mood-immune system link. I always get over-stimulated going to conferences. I tend to crash when I arrive home, often accompanied by cold symptoms. It's as if both my body and brain (and there is no separation) are telling me to chill.


    Bed rest, hibernation. The body mends, the psyche heals.


    My cold symptoms are clearing up. My psychic energy is returning. Did I have a depression with cold symptoms or a cold with depression symptoms? Maybe there really is no difference. Maybe we are supposed to roll with the punches rather than fight it. Maybe the best attitude is simply to take it lying down. No doubt, all of you have tons of insight into this.


    Question: When Mother Nature deals you a cold or depression or both - how do you handle it? What are your survival tips for anticipating an incipient cold-depression?  


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Published On: June 18, 2011