Facing the Social Challenge - Again: Question of the Week

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    Last week, I commented that I was shaking off a cold, in an isolative cocoon, not caring whether I ever resumed contact with the strange planet I live on. This week was rather different - a board meeting, a committee meeting, one of my family in town. I just finished preparing a splendid buffet lunch for four visitors. Martha Stewart has nothing on me.


    I feel like a wrung-out dish rag.


    I hope to chill for most of the weekend, but I have a conference in Chicago to attend right after.


    I really need to find a planet that caters to introverts. A simple log cabin in the middle of nowhere and a ten-year supply of peanut butter - is that too much to ask? But no, like the rest of you, I'm stuck here on Planet Earth. There is no escape. This is a life sentence, and I have no choice but to adapt.

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    Nevetheless, I have successfully navigated through a very challenging week, and - much as I hate to admit it - I actually enjoyed most of it.


    Question: What are your survival tricks for surviving - and thriving - in a world filled with people?


    Please feel free to share your success stories, as well as your special challenges. Comments below ...


Published On: July 01, 2011