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  • Introvert, extravert? Manic, depressed?


    I can't believe this. Two weeks ago, on Question of the Week, I wrote:


    I am feeling a disconnect between my own private world and the world "out there." Increasingly, I am finding myself indifferent to the very strange and alien world that exists outside my door.


    Last week, I mentioned that I would be headed off to the NAMI national convention in Chicago and the social challenges that would involve. I am an introvert by nature, and if given an option I would never leave my apartment other than to get some fresh air and stock up on peanut butter.

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    So here I am in Chicago. Someone please tell me how, at a social function last evening, I was dancing with 10 women? And how do I account for bringing my didgeridoo and playing it every chance I got? And what explains my sheer joy over running into people I haven't seen in years?


    It's not just me. This seems to happen to a lot of us. We prefer our solitude, yet we perk up around people. But the effort also drains us, and thank heaven for that. I need my chill time, and this acts as the brake against cycling up into mania.


    But, in the meantime, I'm left to ponder over these two coontradictory sides to my personality. Depression-mania is part of the dynamic, but it's way more complex than that. I know I'm not alone in this and can use your insight.


    Question: How do you handle the two (or more) sides of you? How do you stay grounded? How do you stay true to the core "you."


    My guess is we're breaking new ground here. Your insights greatly appreciated. Comments below ...

Published On: July 08, 2011