Your Thoughts on Loving Relationships: Bipolar Question of the Week

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  • Getting into a relationship: Should I or shouldn’t I?

    On Thursday, I will be giving a 45-minute talk here in San Diego to the International Bipolar Foundation on the topic of relationships. I’d been thinking about what I wanted to say for quite some time. Then about five weeks ago, I spent several days putting together a rough draft and the makings of a PowerPoint and reading the bits and pieces out loud.

    Each day over the past month I’ve devoted at least an hour of my day to my talk, usually two. I’m now at the stage where I’m making only small changes to both my content and delivery. By the time Thursday rolls around I’ll be more than ready. I’ve done everything in my power to ensure a good outcome, but - of course - the final result is beyond my control.

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    Funny thing. I know I could give a much better talk on not being in a relationship, but then nobody would attend. My last loving relationship broke up around Thanksgiving of last year. After a couple of half-hearted attempts at getting back in the game, I abandoned the effort and concentrated on my work and my leisure pursuits. As it turns out, I feel a lot more whole and complete now than back in November.

    I know a lot of us benefit enormously from being in a loving relationship. Likewise, I know a lot of us need to carefully husband our psychic energy. This has been my year for tending my own garden. Maybe next year will be different. But, trust me, I’m in no hurry.

    Question: What is your attitude toward being in or out of a relationship right now?

    Extra credit: What are some of the challenges you face about getting into and staying in a relationship or in being on your own?

    Feel free to write a book. Comments below ...

Published On: September 03, 2011