Managing Work and Bipolar Disorder: The Question of the Week

John McManamy Health Guide
  • Work! Work! Work! It's stacked up around me like planes over O'Hare. Things to do, places I need to be, deadlines to meet. Suddenly, I realized this morning, I had been neglecting my healthy routines, such as exercise and eating right and various chill times.


    We all fall into this trap and it's way too easy to rationalize our actions. After all, we have been taught to meet our obligations, to work hard, to help others. But we forget - that we have an duty to ourselves, to pace ourselves, to stay healty, to not place our brains in danger.


    So here I am, a million things to do today, a family member calls. He needs a ride to pick up his car. Another hole blown in my day.

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    Tomorrow, a drum circle will be taking place. If I didn't have so much work to do, if I weren't so far behind, I would be there with my didgeridoo. I need to turn that thought around - namely, precisely because I have so much work to do I need to be there with my didgeridoo. Crucial John maintenance. I'm no good to anyone if my engine blows out.


    I will be there with my didgeridoo.


    How about you? Question:


    When work piles up around you, how do you handle it?


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Published On: September 24, 2011