Being Appreciated: How Does This Make You Feel? Bipolar Question of the Week

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  • This post is about being appreciated and how important that is in recovery, but first I need to back up:

    It was my birthday this week, and for some reason I had been thinking my previous age was 62. Then I did the math and discovered I was still 62. So, it seems I skipped age 61 entirely and will be 62 for another year. Anyway, the combination of my birthday and some personal stuff kicked my brain into thinking that my life was a failure and now would be a good time to return to the planet of my birth.

    Really, I can’t shake the thought that my existence here is some kind of very bad misunderstanding.

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    Somehow, I managed to focus on getting my work done. Next day, I slapped on my happy mask and got myself out of the house to attend a board meeting for the mental health organization I volunteer for. There, I received very positive feedback for the homework I turned in.

    Next day, I managed to make some progress with my personal stuff. The day after (yesterday), I showed up at a mental health meet and greet and a bunch of us went out to dinner afterward. Good conversation, more positive feedback.

    So, here I am, age 62 (again). I’m sure there is a lesson in this. I may not belong to this planet, but this week some of the people who look like they do indicated that I am more than welcome to hang around. This in turn, is helping me come to terms with the remainder of my stay, here. One day, my time will come. In the meantime, here I am.

    On to the question:

    When you get positive feedback and displays of appreciation from others - how does this help you cope with life? Or do you wind up somehow discounting your achievements?

    Extra credit:


    How do you survive those dark days when the opposite happens, when your life is surrounded by negativity, hostility, and indifference?


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Published On: October 29, 2011