New Year Resolutions (Don't Laugh): The Bipolar Question of the Week

John McManamy Health Guide
  • The new year is almost on us. Time for resolutions. Old joke: How do you make God laugh? Tell Him your plans.


    Trust me, I do something every day to make God snort milk out His nose.


    I don’t make resolutions as such, but this is my time of year for taking stock and anticipating the 12 months ahead. How, in short, do I make the best use of my limited time and energy and resources? What kind of projects will give me a high psychic return? A high financial return? How do I calculate the trade-off? On and on it goes.


    Last year, I devoted tremendous effort to a complete do-over of mcmanweb, which has more than 200 articles on all aspects of depression and bipolar. The task involved burrowing deep and not coming up for air for several months. This time I am contemplating working on a recovery-themed book, which will also involve my shutting out the world, but is that something I really want to do two years in a row? Maybe I should be getting out more, instead.

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    I also have a novel forming in my head, a project that promises to lay some of the ghosts of my tormented past to rest, but the realist in me is reminding me that I need to be generating more income.


    Decisions, decisions. Then there is the small stuff: Do I invest in a Netflix account? Should I be experimenting with Asian recipes? Can I find a beautiful, rich woman who is crazy about guys who play the didgeridoo? (Okay, that last one isn’t small.)


    In the final analysis, it all comes down to expectations, and what we need to accomplish to achieve our goals. This upcoming year - after all these years - I am looking forward to getting it right.  


    Did you just hear that rumbling? God - please! - can you keep the noise down?


    Question: How are you looking ahead to 2012? How did 2011 go for you?


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    To my community here at HealthCentral. Many thanks for bringing meaning and companionship to my year. May we all continue to learn from one another and support each other in the year ahead.

Published On: December 30, 2011