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  • When you're both depressed and crazy, life has a way of becoming hilarious. My friend Therese Borchard urged me to write about the funny side of life as a bipolar, and the result is a new Kindle Book with the title, get ready:


    Raccoons Respect My Piss But Watch Out For Skunks: My Funny Life On a Planet Not of My Choosing That I Now - Maybe, Sort of, Not Really, Well Okay - Call Home.


    I know - it needs a longer title.


    Raccoons recounts my comically absurd misadventures in dealing with life on a planet seemingly built for other people. Here’s a sample from Chapter Eight:


    Life, unfortunately, doesn't come with a manual, and the tech support is a joke. Seriously, when has God—or St Aloysius, even—ever gotten back to you? Is it too much for God to stop what He is doing for just one second and tell me that the vital piece of hardware I dropped on the floor—the one I desperately need to assemble my counter extender from IKEA—rolled under the refrigerator?

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    It's not like I am asking God to move the refrigerator for me. Or, for that matter, to assemble my IKEA furniture, though that would be a very nice gesture. IKEA, by the way, is Sweden's revenge for not being allowed to be Vikings, anymore.


    And from Chapter Twenty:


    Bipolar is the "crazy" diagnosis. Call me crazy. We do things that attract unwanted attention to ourselves, you know, like discovering America, painting the Sistine Chapel, founding the US, figuring out gravity, coming up with alternating current, and inventing rock 'n roll.


    As I like to say to people: "We give you the gift of civilization and how do you treat us? You marginalize us."


    And a sample illustration (one of 27):



    Hannibal’s elephants, in battle formation, about to unleash a deadly volley.


    This is my story - an outsider, cast up on a strange shore, seeking a place I can call home. Often, we find ourselves cast adrift, stumbling in the dark. gritting our teeth through the pain. I learned to survive by laughing. I know that is the case for most, if not all, of you. Along the way, we learn a lesson or two. And somewhere along the journey, the healing starts.  


    I’ve been at HealthCentral for six-and-a-half years now. We have been on the same journey together. We’ve laughed together, we’ve cried together. Raccoons brings out our funny side. A time to laugh ...


    I’m looking forward to you enjoying the book and to your feedback. Maybe we can kick off a series of conversations, based on the issues the book raises and your reactions. You tell me which issues interest you, and we’ll get started.


    Oh, yeh. Price: $4.99. And the Amazon link:


    Raccoons Respect My Piss But Watch Out For Skunks


    If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download a Kindle App to your iPad, phone, desktop, or laptop:


    Download Kindle App


    Happy reading!

Published On: April 04, 2012