When Your Best Attempts At Negative Thinking Fail: The Bipolar Question of the Week

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  • This is a lightweight story about a very inconsequential event. Nevertheless, I am confident that you will find a heavyweight lesson in it. A week or so ago, I acquired a hummingbird feeder. Being the depressive realist that I am, I decided that there was no way this thing could possibly draw these little guys to my balcony.


    Even if it could, there was no way the birds would cooperate.


    Nevertheless, just to prove everybody wrong, I dutifully filled the thing with a sugar solution and hung it on my balcony. I had a guest coming over that day, and forgot all about it. Later in the day, my guest and I were seated in my living room, absorbed in conversation. I happened to glance out the window. Suddenly, I was levitating out of my chair.

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    “Look!” I shouted. “A hummingbird!”


    These miniature avian hovercraft have been regular visitors all week. Yesterday, I had to refill the feeder. I am now searching eBay for feeding troughs for unicorns. Just you wait.


    Question: Tell us about the unexpected small delights in your life.


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Published On: June 03, 2012