Getting Away From It All - The Bipolar Question of the Week

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  • I’ve spent the last week organizing for getting away. First thing Sunday, I will be headed into the Oregon woods with a special someone of mine. We will be off the grid for three weeks. No phone, no internet, no distractions. Can you imagine?


    This break is long overdue. Typically, when we take a day or two or three off, our brains are still at work. We think about stuff. We fret. We check our email. We check our messages. We check Facebook.


    This time it will be different. Three or four days into it, my mind will be in a different place. A week into it and I will be tapping deep into the mystical healing powers of nature. My ancient tribal memories say this is so. 

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    Ten days into it, we will be attending a three-day tribal gathering in the form of a didgeridoo festival. Try to imagine groups of us gathered in the forest primeval, blowing into ancient instruments beneath the sky, this majestical roof fretted with golden fire, vibrating to the primal OM of the cosmos.


    Okay, maybe you can’t.


    Then another week of splendid isolation.


    Have no fear. I have prepared three weeks worth of posts in advance. And when I return to posting live, it will be with a rested brain, full of fresh insights. As I said, this break is long overdue.


    Question: A good long break from everything - when is the last time you had one? Can you recall the mental health benefits?


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Published On: July 22, 2012