Happy Endings - The Bipolar Question of the Week

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  • I’m writing this Question of the Week four weeks in advance. By now, I should be camped out in the middle of a tribe of fellow didgeridoo players deep inside a forest in Oregon. Really, I am attending a didgeridoo festival. 


    Those who have been following my posts here at HealthCentral over the years are well-familiar with my didgeridoo journey: More than five years ago, shortly after arriving in southern CA from New Jersey, I impulsively bought a didgeridoo from someone I met in a coffee shop. It took me a good three weeks to get a decent sound out of it and a couple of months to pick up the circular breathing. 

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    I had a lot of fun honking it and actually taking it to mental health events and drum circles, but I didn’t put in the practice to take it to the next level. That changed the beginning of last year when I put in an hour a day for a month. Suddenly, the possibilities opened up. I established an everyday routine and over the course of 2011 mastered some tricky techniques. Now I was really playing the thing, actually making music.


    Trust me, there are few experiences more satisfying on earth than making music.


    Okay, the part of the story you haven’t heard: At the end of last year, I attended a local didgeridoo event and met a certain someone. We ran into each other again a couple months later. Long story short, here we are together. Happy ending.


    That’s my didgeridoo story. What’s yours?


    Question: In lieu of a didgeridoo story, are there any happy endings you would like to share? 


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Published On: July 22, 2012