Being Ourselves: The Bipolar Question of the Week

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  • One of the major challenges in our recovery is learning to be ourselves. Tomorrow, I’m going to be Funk Barkley. Allow me to explain:


    Tomorrow, I will be performing in a local talent show. A very worthwhile San Diego mental health organization, Impact Young Adults (IYA), is putting it on. Last year, I rounded up a few people on various noise-makers and performed as the International Didgeridoo Orchestra. This year, I have been rehearsing with a fellow didgeridoo-player, and we’re going as Funk Barkley and His World Famous International Didgeridoo Orchestra.


    We’re going to be totally awesome.

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    Funk Barkley is part of who I am - the outsider who dances to a different tune. The rest of the world doesn’t take too kindly to outsiders. We find ourselves pressured to be something other than ourselves, to conform to “normal.” I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have never been too happy in “normal.” Funny thing - and this is really crazy - not too many other people are happy with me in normal, either.


    People can sniff out the dissonance between the mask I try to wear and what I am hiding. The real trick, I eventually learned, is to find my true normal, not someone else’s. Relax, be myself, not live in fear.


    Trust me, tomorrow people will love Funk Barkley.


    Question: Being yourself. How hard is it? How have you adjusted? 


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Published On: September 14, 2012